College Profile

Goals and Objectives
  • We aim at given our students a sound education which while training them for academic and potential career, will also make Self reliant, keen cooperative and incorruptible citizen, We believe in the supremacy of spiritual and moral values, in the importance of sound education over mere institution, in the training of charter, through regulated freedom and personal guidance.
  • We want out student to develop uprightness of character, loyalty to authority, devotion to duty, friendly comradeship and spirit of social service.
  • Education in the institute not only aims at producing trained professional Homoeopaths but also inculcating in them a sense of higher purpose
  • Producing Homoeopaths who consider the patients holistically, by providing Homoeopathic Medical Education, aiming at maintaining a balance between humanistic medicine and technology.
  • To promote a holistic approach towards curative, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of Homoeopathic Medicine by ensuring quality, comprehensive, continuous and personalized care to patients & community at large thereby contributing to nation building through Homoeopathy
  • To imbibe upon the staff and students the spirit of research in Homoeopathy.
  • Objectives
  • The main objective of the society is to promote Homoeopathy and provide to the student a sound and qualitative education to boost up their confidence towards profession & Social services.

Dear Students,
         Let us think of education as a means of developing our greatest ability, because in each of us, there is a private hope & dream which if fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of our society & nation.... Read More...